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How can you help someone who self-harms?

To help someone who self-harms, talk to them in an understanding way while paying attention to their problem.

Show them that self-harm is common and is not just happening to them

Help them to the help center, and accompany them to their appointments.

Help them to understand their situation as a problem, not an immoral or shameful act.

But do not try to be their therapist. They need professional help, and even if you are a

professional, you cannot play this role for them as a friend or family member.

Do not expect them to change their behavior overnight, and get upset and angry if they don’t. Do not struggle with them when they are about to self-harm as it may increase the harm; it is better to be vigilant but walk away and tell them they can come and talk about it rather than do it.

Do not force them to promise not to do it again or threaten them with any punishment if they do it.

Do not be judgmental or criticize them

How can you help yourself?

  • Recognize situations and feelings that make you feel compelled to harm yourself. Plan ways to avoid them, and share your plan with people who can help.
  • Take your medicines regularly.
  • Take care of yourself by eating healthily, sleeping regularly, and avoiding alcohol and recreational drugs.
  • Get involved with others: spend time with friends and love ones.
  • Take part in self-help groups: they are a good source of support.

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