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In order to meet our mission of helping people in developing countries to be well aware and proactive about their health, we provide extensive training in preventive healthcare. Our Blog captures our areas of interest in preventive healthcare. We train in the causes, symptoms, risk factors and prevention. Topics on subjects such as Diabetes, Hepatitis B, Female Health, Cardiovascular disease, Male health, mental health and chronic kidney diseases has thoroughly and carefully been discussed. You can book for training either by selecting one of our topics or you can suggest one on your own.

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Mode of Training

In order to reach people everywhere we deliver our trainings either in-person or virtually.

We also provide tid bits in the form of SMS and Email to our customers and others who might need it.

Hypertension and diabetes are major health risk in developing countries and hence we offer basic screenings such as BP and Blood sugar screening in our in-person trainings. BP and Blood sugar readings are recorded on our app.

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Email & SMS health tips

We work with corporate institutions to send health tips to their employees to remind them on proactively taking care of their health. We further work with industries to create similar value for their customers. This way employees and customers are aware of their health and take action on same.

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