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Why We Exist

In 2022, we did a research on how we can make good use of a telemedicine platform we were developing. Our shock was the life expectancy between developed and developing countries especially sub-Saharan countries. It came out that in 2020 the average life expectancy of developed countries was 80 years while that of sub-Saharan African countries was 60 years. That is a gab of 20 years. The average life expectancy in Ghana in the same year was 64 years. This means the average Ghanaian dies 4 years after retirement.

Coincidentally the SDG goal number 3 talks about how Health and Wellbeing can be improved for all by 2030. To be able to meet these goal a drastic approach needs to be adopted.

We at Healthneutron therefore decided to work at increasing the life expectancy of developing countries by 1 year over the next 7 years (2030).

Our Mission, Vision &
Core Values

Our Mission

To help people, especially those in developing nations to be well informed and proactive about their health while providing them with an affordable and accessible means of quality healthcare.

Our Vision

To help increase life expectancy in developing countries by a year by 2030.


We consider values which endear us to our fellow humans while offering our services. We show respect, affection, truth, empathy, compassion, love, and transparency to the people we serve.


We listen, adapt and generate new ideas to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to all.


Healthcare systems should not add more stress to those who want to access it. We therefore believe in delivering our mission in a convenient way.

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