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We provide preventive healthcare experience to our B2B partners. We care about the wellbeing of your employees.

Bringing Excellence To You

Business Services

We are dedicated to delivering a broader range of high-quality corporate healthcare services that engage and empower your employees, allowing them to play a key part in the success of your company.

Employees who can achieve and sustain high health and wellbeing are more likely to be innovative, loyal, productive, and give better customer service, according to the data.

We believe that our extensive range of business healthcare services will help your company build a healthy culture.


Have a real-time (online text, audio or video) consultation with our medical doctors or specialists

Laboratory Services

We take samples at home or office at your convenient time


Receive prescribed drugs right at your door step

COVID-19 Tests

Stay safe while we do a lab test for you at your home or office

Home Care

Our medical doctors will be with you at home or the office on a scheduled date

Corporate Training

Get good health care training for your staffs in your organization

Get tested anytime, anywhere

Care for your employees

Support continuity of care

Confidential health record timeline

How HealthNeutron Works

1. Register and Onboard

Fast and easy! Come on board with just a few clicks and you right on board.

2. Enroll employees

HealthNeutron provides you with a schedule management tool and a secure way to conduct video or in-person consultations

Come Forward To A Healthy Life

We are excited to have you onboard!

Quality Healthcare For All Businesses

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