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A common mnemonic, provided by the American Association of Suicidology, is:

I Ideation

S Substance Abuse

P Purposelessness

A Anxiety

T Trapped

H Hopelessness

W Withdrawal

A Anger

R Recklessness

M Mood Changes

More generally, anyone actively thinking or talking about killing themselves should seek help.

• talking or writing about death or killing oneself;

  • withdrawing from usual relationships or social activities;
  • looking depressed and showing feelings of being trapped and hopeless;
  • showing signs of extreme guilt and self_reproach, and that their life is not worth living
  • gathering the means of suicide, for example stocking up on pills or buying a gun;
  • doing self-destructive things like driving recklessly or giving away belongings without a logical reason; and
  • saying goodbye to family and friends as if they are going on a very long journey and may not return.

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