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If not treated, anemia can cause many health problems, such as:

Severe tiredness. Severe anemia can make it impossible to do everyday tasks.

Pregnancy complications. Pregnant people with folate deficiency anemia may be more likely to have complications, such as premature birth.

Heart problems. Anaemia can lead to a rapid or irregular heartbeat, called arrhythmia. With anemia, the heart must pump more blood to make up for too little oxygen in the blood. This can lead to an enlarged heart or heart failure.

Death. Some inherited anemias, such as sickle cell anemia, can lead to life-threatening complications. Losing a lot of blood quickly causes severe anemia and can be fatal.


Many types of anemia can’t be prevented. But eating a healthy diet might prevent iron deficiency anemia and vitamin deficiency anemias. A healthy diet includes:

Iron. Iron-rich foods include beef and other meats, beans, lentils, iron-fortified cereals, dark green leafy vegetables, and dried fruit.

Folate. This nutrient, and its human-made form folic acid, can be found in fruits and fruit juices, dark green leafy vegetables, green peas, kidney beans, peanuts, and enriched grain products, such as bread, cereal, pasta, and rice.

Vitamin B-12. Foods rich in vitamin B-12 include meat types of anemia, dairy products, fortified cereals, and soy products.

Vitamin C. Foods rich in vitamin C include citrus fruits and juices, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, melons, and strawberries. These also help the body take in iron.

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