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Myth: Suicide only happens in certain demographic groups.

Fact: Suicide occurs across all age, racial/ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic groups.

Myth: Someone who talks about suicide is not really serious and is just trying to get attention.

Fact: Any talk of suicide must be taken seriously because it can save a life.

Myth: Asking someone about suicidal ideation will make them more suicidal.

Fact: Asking about suicidal ideation does not make someone more suicidal and can allow that person to get help.

Myth: Suicide is unpredictable and cannot be prevented.

Fact: Most suicidal individuals talk to someone about their thoughts before acting. This provides an opportunity to help.

When should you seek help?

Some people who self-harm find it difficult to talk to someone about it or think they can cope with their underlying problem by attempting to harm themselves. But one must not ignore the problem: self-harm is a serious sign that you need professional help. See a psychologist to guide you to professional help, or talk to a family member or a trusted friend to help you get an appointment if you find it difficult to seek help yourself.

If you self-harm, there are situations where you need to seek help immediately. For example:

  • you have taken a large amount of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication
  • you are in a lot of pain
  • you are having difficulty breathing
  • you seriously cut or burnt yourself
  • you have lost a lot of blood from a cut or a wound.

Having ideas/thoughts of suicide or plans to commit suicide is an emergency. You need to seek help from a professional especially if you have been under treatment for depression or another mental disease. Do not remain alone if you have suicidal thoughts.

  • Avoid websites and social media forums that glorify self-harm or suicide.
  • Try to talk about your emotions and express them through words, not through acts.
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