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Hepatitis B is not curable, but there are ongoing researches which are looking into the use of DNA technology to prevent the virus from reproducing in the body and using the body’s own immune system to kill off the virus.

While there’s no cure, there are several treatments that can help to manage hepatitis B symptoms.

Hepatitis B can be either acute or chronic infection, and the type of infection determines the type of management.

How is Acute Hepatitis B Managed?

Acute hepatitis B infection last for a short period of time, usually less than six months and this type of infection doesn’t always require treatment because the individual recover completely from it (within a period of six month).

In a person who has recovered from an acute hepatitis B infection, a blood test(Booking Portal (healthneutron.com)) taken six-months after initial diagnosis will show that there is no more hepatitis B virus in your blood. Within this period, a doctor will also ask for test to monitor your liver health and check the progress towards recovery.

Talk to a doctor if your symptoms are severe or seem to be getting worse. (Download the Healthneutron App for consultation on play store or Apple store)

How is chronic hepatitis B Managed?

Chronic infection last longer than six month. People with this type of hepatitis infection may carry the hepatitis B virus for the rest of their lives. This people may never show symptoms of infection till it is too late.  Treatment is needed to help manage this condition to avoid rapid permanent Liver damage. Regular liver test is appropriate in monitoring chronic infection of Hepatitis B.

Treatment generally involves antiviral medications, which should only be prescribed by a medical practitioner.

These antiviral medications helps to reduce the pain of symptoms, prevent rapid liver damage and lower the viral load of the Hepatitis B virus. Viral load refers to the amount of a virus in a blood sample. (WAYS TO GET TESTED FOR HEPATITIS B – HealthNeutron). But they do not completely remove the hepatitis B virus from your blood.

If you have chronic hepatitis B, you’ll have to check your Viral load (HBV viral load) every six months to determine your viral load and liver health. Based on your results, your doctor may alter your medication dosage.

Remember: There’s no cure for hepatitis B, but there are several treatments that can help with managing symptoms and reducing the risk of long-term health problems, such as cirrhosis and liver failure. If you have hepatitis B, screen for a blood test regularly to monitor your viral load and liver health. Get tested regularly to prevent further complications.

To book for a Hepatitis B test or Liver function test, book here or call +233 592 360 072.

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