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Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Don’t wait until you break down or lose yourself in trying to achieve your goals. Your job, family, church, or project will continue to exist even after you’re gone. Talk to a professional psychologist about your mental health today.


Every person is unique with regards to how much stress they can manage at a time. Knowing yourself and what makes you stressed can help with controlling and managing your stress levels. When you realize you are stressed or feel overwhelmed by a situation, talk to someone you trust. Acknowledging and opening up is the first step to seeking the right kind of help. Talk to a qualified psychologist at Healthneutron today.


Do you feel down and low most of the time? Are you unable to get yourself going? Do you feel like your low episodes are getting in the way of your job or family life? Depression is real and affects both adults and children. Depression once noticed, should not be left unattended. A person can lose their friends and family to depression and in worse cases, their lives to suicide. Do something about your depression today or help a friend with depression today by speaking to a qualified professional at Healthneutron. 


Did you know that being anxious can be both good and bad? The good kind helps you get up to complete your daily tasks and check items off your list. The bad kind keeps you worried, steals your sleep, makes you lose your appetite and generally makes you feel unwell and sometimes, for no apparent reason. There is a very thin line between these two sides of anxiety. Do not cross the line to the bad kind of anxiety. Speak to a professional psychologist at Healthneutron today about how you feel. Let us help you stay mentally healthy and happy.


Welcoming new life should bring happy moments. Knowing what is normal and abnormal after the birth of a baby is important for the mental and physical health of both the mother and child. Talk to a psychologist about how to handle the excitement, stress, life changes and adjustments that come with childbirth. A healthy mother is better able to cater for a baby. Talk to our psychologists at Healthneutron today.

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