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Many Individuals do not seek and accept the help they need to improve their well-being primarily as a result of misconceptions and the stigma attached to mental health conditions. The stigma which is the shame associated with needing mental health support can be very harmful given that the rates of anxiety, depression, stress as well as other conditions are rising. Continuous stigma causes individuals to go through needless suffering when there is great help available.
Read on to learn the facts about mental health so as to debunk these misconceptions and stigma and seek help for ourselves and our loved ones.

  1. You’re either crazy or you are fine
    Health exists on a continuum. Even people considered healthy are not always totally healthy. For instance, healthy people may experience a few joint pains or headaches. Likewise, a person can experience some levels of anxiety and still be considered mentally healthy. While some people may need comprehensive mental health programs, others can get through daily life like everyone else. It is therefore necessary to constantly visit your therapist for regular checkups just as we do our physical health.
  2. If a person has a mental health condition, it means the person has low intelligence.
    Mental illness like physical illness can affect anyone regardless of intellect, upbringing, or social status.
  3. You only need to take care of your mental health if you have a mental condition.
    Everyone can take active steps to promote their well-being and improve their mental health. Coping strategies for diverse complex situations can be acquired to improve a person’s wellbeing at all times.
  4. Nothing can be done to protect people from developing mental health conditions.
    Many factors can protect people from developing mental health conditions including strengthening social and emotional skills early on. It is therefore detrimental to wait till a condition is developed.
  5. An individual with a mental condition is weak; If the person were to be stronger, they would not have this condition.
    A mental health condition has nothing to do with being weak or lacking willpower. It is not a condition people choose to have or not to have. In actual fact, identifying the need to seek and accept help necessitates great strength and courage. Everyone is susceptible to developing a mental condition just as it occurs with our physical health

In conclusion, mental illness is not a personal failure. Your mental health and wellbeing are important. It is something everyone has. It is naturally linked to our physical health. It is on a continuum and is worth making time for. Also, it is a part of being human and something we need to look after.
It is not a sign of weakness; it is not shameful or something you decide to have. Lastly, our mental health should not be something to think about only when it feels broken.

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