Can't Afford Insurance For Your Employees?

At HealthNeutron, we’re dedicated to assisting you provide the best care for your employees by providing simple, affordable and economical health care solutions for you.

Bringing Excellence To You

Small & Medium Enterprise

We are dedicated to delivering a broader range of high-quality corporate healthcare services that engage and empower your employees, allowing them to play a key part in the success of your company. Employees who can achieve and sustain high health and wellbeing are more likely to be innovative, loyal, productive, and give better customer service, according to the data. 

Absenteeism and presenteeism are becoming more of an issue as the costs connected with mental and physical health problems rise. For a long time, the ongoing difficulty of maintaining employee engagement and performance in the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic, as well as the high work pressure it has brought, will take its toll on all employees. 

We believe that our extensive range of business healthcare services will help your company build a healthy culture. A culture in which all employees have access to high-quality healthcare. We’ll make sure your employees get the right help from the relevant clinicians/professionals at all times thanks to our seamless service delivery.

We can provide your employees with preventive and corrective personalized healthcare.

You can manage your engagement with us on our business portal on a pay-as-you-go basis.

You can also get invoice and receipts which your insurance can re-imburse.

How It Works

1. Register and onboard

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2. Enroll employees

HealthNeutron provides you with a schedule management tool and a secure way to conduct video or in-person consultations

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