HealthNeutron is a digital healthcare solution that brings doctors, lab technicians, pharmacists and more to patients.

Our focus is to improve the way people live and work by providing industry solutions that disrupt the norm with innovation, technology and customer at the center of it all.We are here to bridge the gap between patients and doctors by elevating all stress indicative factors that hinder patients from receiving timely healthcare, all in the comfort of their home, office or any other location of choice.

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Visit Play Store or IOS Store to download the App. Provide your name, email and mobile number to create and account. Your information is always safe with us. Same log in details can be used on our Web application as well


You get to see your doctor face-to-face on your mobile device to make you feel comfortable.


Call our doctors using the app for all your health queries


Leave a chat message with our doctors in case you cannot talk or busy

Our Offerings

We have available licensed Medical Practitioners for your pick, who have many years experience in the industry

We have available medical devices for your pick, such as BP monitors.

We provide professional lab technicians who pick samples from your home & deliver results at your request.

We provide special discounts to stress relieving offers such as travels, vacation & staycations, hotels, special meals, gyms, swimming & spas.

Request for any medication with your prescription and we deliver upon request.

We give you access to a host of medical practitioners (nurses, doctors, etc.) who can visit your home for your healthcare upon request.

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